img_6704I am your dream
A soft breeze
On your bare skin
I am a fallen angel
Who landed in your backyard
I am the wish of your shooting star
That came true last night
I am all the wonders in your life

I come when you are born
And leave you when you die
Life is hard without me
Death is even harder
But when I am there
You’re never alone
Not even at night
Because I am your dream

I help you when you’re stuck
I carry you out of your problems
And clean up every mess behind you
I protect you from mean people
I protect you from evil
And especially from yourself
I comfort you when you’re sad
And remain silent when you need it
Every day I hold your hand
And lead you through your life

I paint your life in your colors:
Blue comfort
Pink love
Red anger
Orange intensity
Yellow trust
White innocence

I am forming a cloud for you
So that when you are tired
of the loud life on earth
You can come and sit beside me
And together we can be a dream

Hannah, 27 novembre 2012


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