Have you got a few minutes?

December 2015 Mom says I – Hannah – should take a few moments and write the Christmas letter this year since I have the most time. How untrue! There is […]

A year of new beginnings

December 2014 Only now that we look back at 2014 do we realize that this has been a year of new beginnings. We have dared, experimented and savored every one […]


I just wanna feel this moment

It is Tuesday morning. My class quickly loads all our baggage in the truck, then we climb into the van. Luckily, we’re only ten students this year, so we can […]


The path is the goal

Shortly before noon yesterday I picked up my 10-year-old daughter Marie at Paseo’s Pottery. She had spent the morning there with her friend Isabella and her mom Angela, a potter […]


My birthday party with chipmunks

Last Monday, October 8th, was not only my birthday, it was also Columbus Day, a holiday observed in most US states to commemorate the discovery of the continent. And we […]


At the time of Queen Isabella

During the last weekend of September, Hannah, Mom and I went to the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair in the open air museum El Rancho de las Golondrinas. As we knew […]


In the cathedral of the Native Americans

Have you ever been to a church that felt terribly cold and distant? Last Sunday we visited a cathedral that was full of joy and love of nature: the Kasha-Katuwe […]