December 2017

2017 has been a year of tradition for us. Mom, Marie and I (Hannah) wanted to revisit places that have grown on us and which we may not see again together for a long time, since I’m not quite sure yet where life will lead me after graduation in June 2018. As for Marie, she will move to Vancouver, Canada for ten months next August.

So we spent our winter break for the sake of tradition (and our appetite) in Austria. There we met Marie’s best friend and her family and went skiing with them a few times.

IMG_0067_webDuring spring break Marie and I took part in the Christian musical “Adonia” again for four concerts in pretty villages in the Alps – this time not in the choir, but in the band (here’s a very short extract – sorry for the poor sound quality). It was a great experience and we’re looking forward to participating again in 2018.


Marie had several opportunities to dress up this year – first in her annual school ball, then at her confirmation in April and at the graduation ceremony of her middle school in July.

In March my best friend and I celebrated our birthdays (my 18th) in a forest cabin in Muri with a group of friends.

After a brief visit from Julia, mom’s friend from Santa Fe, we traveled to southern France, where we first spent four days at the theater festival in Avignon. We then let the peaceful landscapes of the Cévennes and the Lubéron inspire us and enjoyed “quality Dobbertin-time”. Still, we left our quiet vacation rental once to go back to the chaos of the theater festival for a day and watch a few more plays.

After the summer Marie started her first and I my last year at high school. Marie quickly felt very at ease in her new class, which counts 19 boys and six girls. She chose the focus “Natural sciences and technology”, and like for me, some of her classes are taught in English.

Version 2IMG_9778_webWe spent the fall break in Vercorin, in Wallis, Switzerland, just like the last two years. We had planned on staying a lot in the comfy wooden cabin and getting some (home)work done but since the sun shone all the time, we ended up going hiking every day.

In November the premiere of the short film which a friend of mine and I filmed as our finals project was held in our local movie theater. We had been working on the 20-minute-film for 1,5 years and the countless hours of research, planning, writing, shooting and editing have paid off well.

poster_seiten_des_lebens_kinorex-Kopie_webThe audience gave us a warm feedback, and in addition to several articles we were nominated “personalities of the month” in a local newspaper.

On January 12 the film will be shown again in another local movie theater.

Even though these past months were rather calm as far as travelling is concerned, they were filled with many projects. It’s nice to see many of these completed now, and we look forward to another year full of new adventures.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, peaceful and joyful New Year!

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